All the true believers of the old Testament people of Israel believed in the Messiah, that is, in Christ, who was to come. We, the new Testament (Christian) Church, believe in Christ, who already came to earth two thousand years ago. They believed in the atonement that would be made, and by their faith they received the forgiveness of sins. We believe in the atonement that has already been made, and by our faith we receive the forgiveness of sins.
Now specifically answer the question: what is the similarity of the history of the old Testament Israel and the new Testament Christian Church? Despite the suggestions of God, both ancient Israel and the Christian Church evaded the truth. Ancient Israel was more and more adopted pagan customs from the neighboring peoples. The Christian Church also became more and more pagan, planting around the bright personality of Christ a dense forest of rites, legends and legends, which became for many Christians an idol, an idol, distracting them from Christ Himself and displacing Him from the first place in their hearts.
In the midst of ancient Israel, God raised up prophets who denounced the Israelites who had strayed from the truth. And in the midst of Christianity, God erected Evangelical currents, calling Christians to return to the path of first Christianity. These Evangelical currents, these new Christian churches, are fulfilling the same mission that the prophets of God did in the old Testament. These Christian currents and churches call upon all sincere believers to return to the path of first Christianity.
We know how Israel, falling into idolatry, treated the prophets of God. He stoned them, threw them into dungeons. We know how the revived Christian Church treated the zealots for a return to first Christianity; it called them heretics, sectarians, burned them at the stake of the Inquisition, threw them into monastic prisons. The Jewish chief priests and priests were indignant at the prophets of God who denounced them. “We are the successors of Aaron, the first high priest,” they said proudly, ” and here, from nowhere, people dare to denounce us.” And the clergy of the churches that had departed from first Christianity said to the zealots for a return to first Christianity: “We are the successors of Christ and the apostles, and where did you come from?”
In ancient Israel there were false prophets; in Christianity there were also heretical and even fanatical sects. History repeats itself. In the mirror of ancient Israel, we Christians can see our own type. In this we are convinced, in good faith, under the guidance of the Holy spirit, studying the history of Christianity.